Our well trained roofing technicians provide a wide variety of roof repair and preventative maintenance services. CRC is able to provide the option that will best meet the requirements of each building as well as offering maintenance plans which will increase the life of your roof. CRC will strive to make the process as simple as possible for you and your tenants.

Emergency Roof Repairs

Our repair and maintenance division stands ready to help with stopping roof leaks. Our technicians have many years of experience on all types of roofing systems. They are trained to make quality repairs with materials that are compatible with your roofing system. Repairs and maintenance performed by CRC typically carries a one year no leak warranty. You will be impressed with our service and the quality of our work. If you need a roof repair, you have come to the right place. CRC are the experts and are anxious to provide you with our high quality roof repair services. We keep the rain outside, where it belongs.

Preventative Maintenance

Our Preventative Maintenance program will ensure that your roof system will perform as long as practical, with a minimum of storm water intrusion. This program reduces unnecessary emergency repairs and the resulting business interruption. The program is fully deductible in the tax year the work occurs. At the conclusion of the maintenance program CRC will provide you with a roof condition analysis that predicts when roof replacement will be necessary. When the time comes, CRC will assist you in the selection of replacement systems, qualifying selected contractors, and provide project management through the duration of the project.
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Common Roof Surfaces






Modified Torch Down or Cold Process

Built Up Roof “BUR” aka Rock Roof


Roof Coatings